Common Problems Caused by Iguanas


Damage to Landscaping

This tree is just one of many examples of an iguana’s potential to decimate crops and landscaping! Iguanas are herbivores so they love flowering plants such as Hibiscus , bougainvillea, and other flowering shrubs. 



Notice the distinct “D shaped” hole opening and tail markings. Holes such as these are significant  because they can accelerate the erosion process, which can lead to seawall damage.  

Iguanas can dig 80+ ft tunnels under and/or around your property, seawalls, pool decks, sheds, etc  - possibly ruining your home’s foundation!


Roof Damage

Iguana’s love barrel tile roofs. Not only is it a perfect place to bask in the sun to warm up, barrel tile roofs can also act as a shelter for iguanas as it allows them a place to seek refuge from the elements. This can be a very big problem as iguanas have very sharp claws and can tear up the waterproof layer underneath the tiles, which may lead to leaks. 


Health Risk

Iguana feces are known to carry salmonella and other diseases. Having iguanas in and around your pool increases your chances of contracting salmonella

IMG_1856 2.JPG

Unfriendly surprise- Iguanas in Toilets

Iguanas have been known to crawl into the vent pipe on your roof and end up coming out of your toilet. If you didn’t have to go ''number 2'' before, you definitely will after that surprise.