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Professional Iguana Removal

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Redline Iguana Removal is a professional iguana trapping and removal company offering services to the South Florida community.


Our company started in Hollywood, FL and is now benefiting all of Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach counties and the upper Florida Keys by providing professional hand-catching, trapping, and other approved methods for iguana removal. 

  • Property Damage: These nuisance neighbors can cause severe damage. Iguanas can dig 80+ ft tunnels under and/or around your property, seawalls, pool decks, sheds, etc - possibly ruining your home’s foundation!

  • Breeding: These prehistoric critters borrow nesting areas, laying up to 70+ eggs annually!

  • Health Risk! Iguana feces are known to carry salmonella and other diseases. Having iguanas in and around your pool increases your chances of contracting salmonella.

*Fees are fair and our methods humane.

We have a profound respect for all animals however, iguanas are considered invasive to South Florida and are wreaking havoc to our local ecosystems. This in turn is having an adverse effect on our local plants and animals. We have a Broward County Biologist on staff and use approved methods by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). 






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Redline is always ready to respond to your iguana emergencies! 

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Common Problems Caused by Iguanas


Damage to Landscaping

This tree is just one of many examples of an iguana’s potential to decimate crops and landscaping! Iguanas are herbivores so they love flowering plants such as Hibiscus , bougainvillea, and other flowering shrubs. 



Notice the distinct “D shaped” hole opening and tail markings. Holes such as these are significant  because they can accelerate the erosion process, which can lead to seawall damage.  

Iguanas can dig 80+ ft tunnels under and/or around your property, seawalls, pool decks, sheds, etc  - possibly ruining your home’s foundation!


Roof Damage

Iguana’s love barrel tile roofs. Not only is it a perfect place to bask in the sun to warm up, barrel tile roofs can also act as a shelter for iguanas as it allows them a place to seek refuge from the elements. This can be a very big problem as iguanas have very sharp claws and can tear up the waterproof layer underneath the tiles, which may lead to leaks. 


Health Risk

Iguana feces are known to carry salmonella and other diseases. Having iguanas in and around your pool increases your chances of contracting salmonella

IMG_1856 2.JPG

Unfriendly surprise- Iguanas in Toilets

Iguanas have been known to crawl into the vent pipe on your roof and end up coming out of your toilet. If you didn’t have to go ''number 2'' before, you definitely will after that surprise. 

Iguanas in florida

Did you know that there are several different species of Iguana, three of which have made South Florida their home?

It is important to recognize the differences as each species display distinctive behaviors.

Green Iguana Male

Green Iguana

Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana)

Large lizard, not native to Florida. Hatchlings and juveniles display a bright green coloration. Adults can range in color from green to brown to almost black.

During breeding season (Late fall/early winter), mature male iguanas take on an orange coloration, along with their heavy jowls and dewlap, in order to attract mates. Here in South Florida, there appears to be larger populations near and around bodies of water. Each female green iguana can lay up to 70 eggs annually.

Iguana feces can contain salmonella, which becomes a big health risk for humans and pets, especially if the feces is located in and/or around pools.

Mexican Spinytail

Mexican Spiny-tail

Mexican Spiny-tail Iguana (Ctenosaura Pectinata)

These iguanas get their name from the distinctive ridged scales on their tails. They are typically brown or grey brown in coloration with a yellow ventral (abdominal) surface.

These iguanas are great climbers and prefer a rocky habitat with crevices to provide shelter. They are opportunistic feeders, primarily herbivorous, however will eat small animals, eggs, and arthropods (insects).

Typically more aggressive* than the Green Iguana and will bite and scratch if cornered so practice caution when approaching.

*Click here for a Redline Capture Video

Black Spinytail Iguana

Black Spiny-tail

Black Spiny-tail Iguana (Ctenosaura Similis)

They are difficult to distinguish from Mexican Spiny-tails, but Ctenosaura Similis has 0-2 scales separating the short crest along the back and tail, 2 complete rows of intercalary scales between the whorls of enlarged scales on the tail, and dark dorsal crossbands.

Black Spiny-tail Iguanas are primarily terrestrial animals and like to dig burrows. Here in South Florida, these burrows can be found under structures such as houses, sheds, beside pools and seawalls. They are very alert and agile and typically dash to burrows at the first sign of danger.

Similar to their relative Mexican Spiny-tails, Black Spiny-tails will scratch or bite if cornered.

*Click here for a Redline Capture Video

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We're proud to offer flat rate pricing for minimal trapping needs.

Removal package plans and preventative maintenance are also available.

Ask about our clear tree wraps and prevention spray. 


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Orchid Grove

“We highly recommend Redline Iguana Removal. They are professional, responsive and efficient. We are a large HOA Community managed by Castle Group and Redline is on our preferred vendors list for doing exceptional work.

We had a major problem with iguanas damaging our landscape, gutters, roofs and other things and Redline came right out and solved our problems. Thank you Redline Iguana Removal!”

Dawn Brasaeke

“Calling Redline was a great move for us. I have a small golf course over-run with those creatures.

I know we could be hosting an amazing array of our native Florida bird species if we didn't have hundreds of them living in and eating our trees and bushes. Perry and the guys really know their stuff. In 2 visits they captured and removed 65 Iguanas.

Really appreciate the ease of communication. I know that they will be there when they say they will. We will certainly be using them again. Highly recommend! Thanks!”

Nick LeBlanc

“Professional, knowledgeable, affordable, fast. Redline Iguana removal did a great job coming in and removing all my iguana problems!! Definitely recommend this company to anyone with an iguana problem/infestation that wants to get ride of it.”